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Pascuali Filati Naturali supports small farms and farmers in developing countries and the betterment of society in matters of sustainability, transparency and fairness.

We make sure the source of our fibres conform to our philosophy, and often travel to almost inaccessible areas to ensure all our yarns are produced in a fair, sustainable manner respecting our environment.

The animals must be able to develop in their natural environment and be treated appropriately. The alpacas have their natural habitat in Peru, the musk oxen in Alaska, the cashmere goats in Mongolia and the merino sheep in Patagonia. 

Because high quality, fair trade, sustainable and appropriate keeping of animals as well as ecologically produced yarns are very important to us, we personally and periodically visit farmers and production sites. We have deliberately decided against working with intermediaries in order to guarantee a high degree of sustainability and working conditions.




YAK / Mohair



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Your ideas and work have inspired us to create  the first Pascuali Fashion Collection magazine in 2020, and continuing our long-standing tradition and philosophy, we developed an Organic Cashmere yarn, now available to you as well! 

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