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We produce top-quality rare natural yarns worldwide while offering support to smaller farms and farmers. Organic, newly developed, innovative, as well as vegan fibers are just as much a part of our portfolio as the rarest natural fibres in the world like Vicuña and Qiviut.

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Our Yarns and Fibres

Cashmere is the natural fibre per excellence. It is one of the most exclusive and valued goat fibres in the world.

Alpaca fibre is one of the most valued natural fibre in the world. Alpaca comes from Peru and it is extremely soft, lightweight and durable. 

Vegan yarns are made exclusively from plant fibres.  They are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Because of its rarity and softness, yak and mohair wool is classified as a luxury fibre. Yak and mohair its extremely soft and unique. 

Merino wool is widely used luxury fashion to knitwear accessories, homewares and high-performance activewear. It is famous for its softness, versatility and strength.


Musk Ox wool known as Qiviut is one of softest, lightest and warmest fibres available in the world.  Vicuña, a scarce commodity and so coveted, it is without a doubt queen of luxury yarns.  Both of these yarns are usually left undyed in their natural colour.  

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We successfully cooperate with diverse yarn studios, hand-dyers and worldwide famous designers and influencers. 

Your ideas and work have inspired us to create  the first Pascuali Fashion Collection magazine in 2020, and continuing our long-standing tradition and philosophy, we developed an Organic Cashmere yarn, now available to you as well! 

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